No matter where you started, we’ll help you finish faster…

Are you a transfer student?

Transfer Student

Transfer Students

Get credit for community college workforce courses.

Are you a veteran or active-duty military?

Veteran/Active Duty Military Student

Veterans or Active Military

Receive credit for specialized
military training.

Are you a non-traditional student?

Non-traditional Student

Non-Traditional Students

Design a plan around your career goals and work schedule.

…online or in the classroom.

…online or in the classroom.

Collin Higher Education Center in McKinney

A single word that best describes the BAAS degree program is flexibility—flexibility in what, where and how you study. This multidisciplinary degree plan is designed around your interests and career goals. Whether your interests are business, criminal justice, alternative dispute resolution, sociology, psychology, non-profit management, or a host of others, we have course offerings to meet your needs. Take charge—your way! Get started today!

Classes are available at the Collin Higher Education Center in McKinney as well as the main campus in Denton. You may also choose to complete all or part of your BAAS degree online.

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