What is a BAAS degree?

          One of the first questions we often hear is “What is a BAAS degree?” BAAS is an acronym that stands for Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences. This degree program is part of UNT’s College of Public Affairs and Community Service (PACS). It is a fully accredited bachelor’s degree with three characteristics that distinguish it from other types of four-year degrees (i.e., BA, BS, BBA, BSW). The first is that the BAAS degree program was designed primarily for students transferring to a four-year university from community colleges or technical institutions. Our program and those at other universities are almost entirely comprised of juniors and seniors. Some students have come directly from a two-year institution. Others returned to complete a degree after being in the workplace for a few years or after serving in the military.

          The BAAS degree program also differs because it accepts many types of workforce credits. These occupationally-specific credits are earned by community college students who are working toward, or have completed, an Associate in Applied Sciences (AAS) degree. Students also earn these types of credits in technical institutions or in the military.

          Finally, the BAAS program has a multidisciplinary focus. It is designed to build on the occupationally-specific credits described above with general coursework. BAAS students select courses from multiple disciplines which are intended to work synchronously to address their career objectives. You can learn more about how this works under Professional Development. The multidisciplinary focus of the BAAS program also makes this a great degree for students who are interested in developing expertise in more than one discipline.